Members’ data clean up – we need your input

10 Jul 2019

We are going to be reviewing and cleansing our member data over the next couple of months in preparation for a major system update, so please help us by making sure that your details are up to date. It is particularly important that we have your current email address as this is our main means of contacting you with news and newsletters, or for information and member benefits.

Please also check that we have a current address and that any employment information is correct. You can see the data we hold for you by logging on at – there is a password update function if you can’t remember your login details. 

For some members, we are aware that we are missing first name information and date of birth. Please also check that we have your correct post nominals and title. We do collect gender information for statistical purposes but we also have the option of the gender-neutral title of Mx.  If you need to amend or add any of the above, please get in touch with the membership team on

Equally important to your contact and personal information are your preferences regarding local society and technical division – selecting these allows us to tailor the information we send you. Your profile also allows you to select your contact preferences, so if you don’t want us to contact you about services and activities, you can opt out. Please note that we will still contact you about matters relating directly to your membership of IOM3.