Surface Engineering Leadership Forum Launches

20 Feb 2019

On Monday 11 February 2019, Lord Whitby of Harborne in the City of Birmingham hosted the launch of the Surface Engineering Leadership Forum (SELF) during an evening reception at the House of Lords in London.

SELF is primarily an organisation for specialist manufacturers and trade associations, who represent the coating and surface engineering industrial community together with academics, RTOs and professional engineering institutions including IOM3. Whitby stated, ‘This is going to promote Surface Engineering as fundamental for the UK.’

The forum has so far delivered a Level 7 apprenticeship standard – materials process engineer and a summit on digital manufacture. The purpose of the group is to secure a robust business ecosystem, including suppliers, distributors, customers, competitors and government agencies, collectively involved to deliver growth through both competition and co-operation. The group aims to use its core values of skills and training, R&D, supply chain integration, resilience and sustainability, collaboration and operational performance to complete the transformation journey.

Dr Bryan Allcock FIMMM