Parsons 2019 conference success

25 Nov 2019

Back in September, academics and industrialists met for the 10th International Charles Parsons Turbine Conference held by IOM3, sharing the latest updates in turbine research and development. Charles Parsons’ concepts and designs have been instrumental in developing turbo-machinery for the mass generation of electricity and propulsion – a legacy honoured through the series of Parsons Conferences.

This year focused on the challenges of turbines operating under novel conditions – looking at the interactions between environmental degradation mechanisms and mechanical interactions in both gas and steam turbine applications.

Speakers from the US National Energy Technology Laboratory and ETN Global gave context to the ongoing political landscape, while companies such as Rolls-Royce PLC and Siemens AG presented industrial perspectives. Specific technical topics addressed included the design of new alloys, materials performance assessment and new characterisation techniques, alloy manufacturing/advanced manufacturing, surface engineering, and the impact of plant operation on life. In addition, detailed materials studies for a range of nickel and iron-based systems were presented. Registrants were both from industry and academia and while UK attendees were in the majority, registrants came from Europe and from further afield, including the USA and Singapore.

These talks culminated on Tuesday evening with the Parsons Lecture, ‘Evolution of the Parsons Land Steam Turbine’, given by Siemens Company Historian and retired Chief Turbine Engineer, Geoff Horseman. Following the talk, conference attendees were taken to dinner at the Safari Lodge, Woburn Safari Park.

The poster presentation winners included Minel Patel from the University of Surrey, UK, for her talk ‘Micromechanical testing of aged thermal barrier coatings.’ Sensor Coating Systems Ltd, Marta Ferran-Marqués, was runner up.

The 10th Parsons Conference represents the finale of this conference series. In 2023, it will be replaced with a new flagship materials event, covering the assessment and performance of materials for high temperature, aggressive environment operation, and co-ordinated by the High Temperature Materials Committee of IOM3.

The third workshop, ‘Tackling low temperature superalloy degradation’ will run in spring 2020.

Dr Joy Summer, IOM3 High Temperature Materials Committee.