Engineering profession calls for action to secure the UK’s future economy and society

27 Aug 2019

IOM3 is pleased to partner with the National Engineering Policy Centre to support its key priorities for forthcoming government spending and policy decisions in Engineering priorities for our future economy and society.

The actions proposed will enable the UK to make investment decisions that will create more jobs and prosperity, and meet the future needs of our society in a way that is faster, more efficient and sustainable. The key asks have been developed collaboratively with the UK’s professional engineering institutions.  

This engineering manifesto includes 20 actions across five key policy areas:

  • Skills: Implement the recommendations of the Perkins Review, which sets out actions to ensure an adequate supply of engineering talent for our nation, to secure the engineering skills needed for the future.
  • Innovation: Increase Innovate UK’s budget to boost support for business innovation and the ‘D’ of R&D to increase productivity.
  • Digital: Deliver fast and resilient digital infrastructure, a thriving business environment, excellent digital skills and a diverse pipeline of workers to create a world-leading digital economy.
  • Infrastructure: Deliver on the recommendations of the National Infrastructure Assessment or set out alternative plans to meet the UK’s long-term infrastructure needs.
  • Energy and climate change: Deliver on the UK’s ambitious climate change goals by investing in demonstration and deployment of new low-carbon heat, charging of electric vehicles and carbon capture and storage technologies.

This is the first joint publication by the National Engineering Policy Centre, an ambitious new partnership between 39 UK engineering organisations, led by the Royal Academy of Engineering. 

The document is avaliable to read via the download link below.

Documents for download: 
PDF icon Engineering Priorities.pdf1.18 MB