IOM3 Fellows appointed as Royal Academy Chairs in Emerging Technologies

25 Apr 2019

IOM3 Fellows Professor Judith Driscoll and Professor Peter Lee have been appointed as Chairs in Emerging Technologies by the Royal Academy of Engineering. The Chairs provide long-term support to world-leading engineers across the UK to advance emerging technologies.

The positions are funded for £1.3m over ten years, and each of the Chairs’ projects have the potential to considerably benefit society and the UK economy, and enable the nation to remain at the global forefront of engineering innovation. The areas of research funded reflect the UK’s wider technological priorities, with many of the projects directly aligned to the government’s Industrial Strategy and designed to tackle some of the biggest industrial and societal challenges of our time.

The ten-year support provided to the Chairs will enable them to progress their pioneering ideas from basic science through to full deployment and commercialisation.

Professor Judith Driscoll FREng FIMMM, University of Cambridge

Scaleable ultralow power memory through materials innovation

Professor Driscoll will develop and bring to industry highly innovative materials technology that can be used in non-volatile memory (NVM) storage. New NVM storage is essential to a wide range of growing data-centric technologies including Internet of Things, transport, medicine, and AI. Professor Driscoll will explore potential materials for NVM, develop compositions and nanostructures, test a range of different memory device forms and liaise with industry on commercialising the devices.  



Professor Peter Lee FIMMM, UCL

Transforming additive manufacturing via multiscale in-situ imaging (TAMMI) 

Professor Lee will use synchrotron imaging to develop more efficient, environmentally friendly and cost-effective additive manufacturing technologies. Using ultrafast x-ray imaging and diffraction, Professor Lee will develop additive manufacturing machines that can see inside the 3D-printing process to capture key phenomena. These insights will be used to accelerate the development of new materials, design rules, AI control algorithms and multi-scale predictive models and remove expensive trial-and-error development in 3D-printing.

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