Training courses available at IRC2019

15 Apr 2019

In conjunction with this year’s IRC2019 conference, there will be an opportunity to attend various training courses on Monday 2 September 2019 held by the Rubber Division, Lord and Rubber Consultants at the Oval in London.

These courses will give you the opportunity to learn more about the rubber industry and help to improve your knowledge into the subject.

The Rubber Division will be holding their course on basic rubber compounding, focused on providing an overview of rubber compounding and testing and the process techniques.

Lord will host a half-day training around LORD Corporation Chemosil® & Chemlok® substrate-to-metal bonding agents through theory and experiment. They also offer another half-day training focused around Sipiol® Weatherstrip Coatings, Flocksil® and Flocklok® Adhesives and Chemlok® Glass Encapsulation.

Rubber Consultants will be hosting a full day course on the use of rubber in design of engineering components with a combination of theory and a hands-on workshop.

Participants of the courses are invited to attend the IRC2019 conference from 3–5 September at a discounted rate. It is a great opportunity for the global rubber industry to join together to exchange knowledge, learn more from a range of fantastic speakers, and share ideas in the field as well as network in the heart of the UK.

Keynote speakers include:

  • Professor Dr. habil. Manfred Klüppel

     Deutsches Institut für Kautschuktechnologie e.V.

  • Professor Judit E. Puskas AIMBE and IUPAC Fellow,

     Biomaterial and Biopolymer Engineering Program, Ohio State University

This year’s conference will take place in the heart of London at the world renowned Oval Cricket Ground. It is a great opportunity for global figures to exchange knowledge and ideas in the field as well as network in the heart of the UK.

For full details on the training courses and prices, visit