Wood in Art

The Wood Technology Society
Ai Weiwei "wooden" ball for auction.

Historical female engineers and scientists make debut on IOM3 heritage stairway

Since around the 1990s, the IOM3 information services team has been working hard on gathering research into women who made their mark in materials and minerals and who were part of the Institute’s long-standing history dating back 150 years. IOM3 is pleased to have now feature eight inspiring females on the Heritage Stairway based at the IOM3 London office.

Q&A – James Goddin

Natalie Daniels interviewed IOM3 Strategic Advisor, James Goddin, Market Development Manager at ANSYS Granta.

Scanning the Earth with Lidar technology

Materials World magazine
An ambitious project to scan the entire Earth using Lidar technology has been initiated. Idha Valeur reports.

Offshore wind energy – an outlook

Materials World magazine
Late October 2019, the International Energy Agency released a study that suggested offshore wind could become a US$1tln industry. Idha Valeur looks into the projections, limitations and possibilities.