From Timber to Trees

The Wood Technology Society
WTS Board Member, Bronia Stefanowski, reports on her attendance at the recent and very lively "From Timber To Trees" conference hosted by Edinburgh Napier University.

IOM3 supports Rushlight Awards 2019-2020

IOM3 are pleased to support the Rushlight Awards. The awards are designed specifically to support and promote all the latest clean technologies, innovations, initiatives and deployment projects for businesses and...

Synthetic 2D materials without bulk analogues

Materials World magazine
Two-dimensional materials can be synthesised without bulk analogues using a new method developed to make 2D glass. Idha Valeur reports.

Dyeing stone for decorative interiors

Materials World magazine
Creative approaches to finishing and protection are bringing about a revival of natural stonework for decorative interiors.

Making artificial colour-changing skin

Materials World magazine
An artificial material that mimics the colour-changing ability of cuttlefish skin has been developed as a potential camouflage. Idha Valeur finds out more.