RECOUP releases report on plastic recycling and effects on local authorities

Materials World magazine
A report finds that local authorities are struggling with the knock-on effects of post-consumer plastic bans. Shardell Joseph finds out more.

Smart materials made in minutes using eco-friendly acoustic technique

Materials World magazine
An eco-friendly technique that can produce metal-organic frameworks in minutes has been demonstrated by using sound waves to manipulate atoms. Shardell Joseph finds out more.

The University of Sheffield joins European 3D printing consortium

Materials World magazine
The University of Sheffield has joined a €17mln European project to enhance the 3D printing industry and its capabilities. Shardell Joseph finds out more.

UK search for ‘straw-ternatives’ after plastic straw ban for 2020

Materials World magazine
The UK will be banning its use of plastic straws by 2020, sparking debate on potential alternatives and their viability for replacing single-use straws. Shardell Joseph investigates.

An insight into timber in construction and regulation following the Barking blaze

Materials World magazine
A fire that engulfed a block of flats in London has brought timber under scrutiny. Shardell Joseph looks into timber in construction, regulations and the impact of misconceptions.