Scotland announces drinks container deposit scheme

Materials World magazine
Consumers in Scotland will be able to collect 20p back for returning a single-use container made of aluminium, glass and polyethylene terephthalate (PET).

Tata Steel and Thyssenkrupp deal collapse

Materials World magazine
Tata Steel Limited and Thyssenkrupp AG merger fall-through leaves both firms looking for ways to address debt and keep operations running.

Packaging chain responds to Government consultations

IOM3 along with 46 other organisations with an array of backgrounds including UK manufacturers, retailers, brands, councils, recyclers, reprocessors, materials organisations, leading institutions, and representative bodies have collectively signed a letter from the packaging value chain on how to contribute to shaping the delivery of the recent consultations.

Coventry University and FEV launches £50mln centre for cleaner mobility

Materials World magazine
Coventry University has launched a £50m centre with German engineering giant FEV to help create cleaner mobility through low carbon vehicle technology.

A combat helicopter with dual counter rotating blades takes flight

Materials World magazine
A combat helicopter has made its first flight using a dual counter rotating blade design. Shardell Joseph reports.