Rare precious metal osmium challenges the diamond industry

Materials World magazine
Osmium in crystal form has attracted attention from jewellers and is set to rival the global diamond industry. Shardell Joseph reports.

Kew Gardens scientists create wood database to combat illegal logging

Materials World magazine
Scientists at the Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew, are combatting the illegal logging industry by creating an internationally accessible timber database. Shardell finds out more.

Barrick and Newmont join forces to operate Nevada complex mining

Materials World magazine
Newmont Mining proposes a joint venture with rival Barrick Gold, after rebuffing a takeover. Shardell Joseph reports.

Packaging manufacturer introduces new recyclable black plastic food trays

Materials World magazine
An Irish packaging company’s new black plastic food trays can be identified in recycling sorting systems, diverting black plastic from landfill. Shardell Joseph reports.

A new fibre that are both strong as metal and elastic as rubber

Materials World magazine
A new fibre with high elastic properties and metallic strength makes a tough material, which could be used in soft robotics or packaging. Idha Valeur reports.