Eradicating mercury from artisanal and small-scale mining

Materials World magazine
The UN launched a new initiative to eradicate mercury-based mining methods, replacing with alternatives for safer mining. Shardell Joseph finds out more.

Packaging manufacturer introduces new recyclable black plastic food trays

Materials World magazine
An Irish packaging company’s new black plastic food trays can be identified in recycling sorting systems, diverting black plastic from landfill. Shardell Joseph reports.

Triple battery storage capacity achieved by incorporating nanomaterials

Materials World magazine
Using an ultra-thin nanomaterial a battery’s electrode could pervade three times storage capacity of conventional batteries. Shardell Joseph reports.

Saving energy with heat pipe exchangers in ceramics

Materials World magazine
Heat pipe technology is proven to fuel new low-emission, low-energy, kilns and save money in ceramics. Shardell Joseph reports.

Light-as-air ceramics could be used for cooling spacecraft

Materials World magazine
A superinsulating nitride aerogel with an ability to withstand extreme conditions could help spacecraft stay cool. Shardell Joseph reports.