Tomorrow's Engineers Week 2018

5 Nov 2018

Returning for the sixth year this week marks Tomorrow’s Engineers Week (#TEWeek18), which is a campaign aimed to change perceptions of engineering among young people, parents, teachers and to inspire future engineers. This year the campaign forms part of the Year of Engineering and engineers featured will focus on topics young people care about including saving the environment, animal welfare, staying safe, health and entertainment.

The Tomorrow’s Engineers Week Big Assembly, will offer schools across the UK the chance to take part in the same assembly on engineering careers. Taking place at 10.30am on 7 November 2018 this is a live video stream, featuring a panel of inspiring engineers who will discuss their careers and the positive impact engineering has on the issues young people care about most, such as protecting the environment, animal welfare, safety and security, health and entertainment. Discover who’s on the panel and sign up.

To celebrate this year’s event, we have below listed articles by Materials World related to engineering to help inspire the next generation and in celebration to this event have made all articles available to the public below:

Mark Miodownik on the future of materials science

Funding R&D - Kathryn Allen looks at the changing environment of R&D funding

The Good in Engineering - Alastair Marsh and Peter Gatestalk about how engineers can support the greater good

Q&A – Abbie Hutty - Kathryn Allen speaks to Abbie Hutty about her career and transition from university to industry at Airbus.

Crossrail dig it out - Crossrail’s boring machines excavated 42km of tunnels for the new train line that will run through the south east of England in 2019, but what happened to the excavated material?

Q&A - Guglielmo Carra from Arup Materials talks about why organic waste should be used as a vital resource in the future.

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Let’s inspire the next generation!