Materials Protecting People 2018 addresses healthcare, security and air quality

11 Oct 2018

Materials Protecting People is the third seminar in the hugely popular series of events looking at how materials can protect people in society. The next seminar in the series will take place on Thursday 29 November 2018 at 297 Euston Road, London.

In recognition of the need for society to respond to the modern-day challenges such as terrorism, natural disasters, climate change, and an ageing population, the Materials Protecting Society series event will emphasise the important role of materials in developing solutions to the many challenges that arise.

Keith Harrison, Event Organiser and Chair of the Industry and Technology Policy Board (ITPB), said, ‘There is a need for the materials sectors to be more aware of societal needs and for customers and users to be more aware of the potential offerings of the materials related industries’.

Lord Haskel will provide a brief opening address during the welcoming speech. The programme will include Professor Cameron Alexander of Nottingham University, Professor Giuseppe Battaglia of University College London, and Professor Gary Critchlow of Loughborough University who will address the key issues affecting the protection of people in society today.           

The one-day seminar will have a session on healthcare where speakers will explore antibacterial surfaces, the role of smart materials in drug delivery; implant materials, and the latest in healthcare technologies research.      

Speakers will also address the role of materials in key areas of air quality, protection and security, together with an underlying awareness of the essential requirements for sustainability.

The Institute would like to invite manufacturers, engineers, healthcare professionals, academics, safety professionals, and emergency services personnel to attend this event. Conference programme available at