21st Century PEI hub for younger members

20 Nov 2018

A pilot phase for a 21st Century professional engineering institutes (PEI) website has been created for Younger Members as part of a collaboration between IOM3 and the Institution of Structural Engineers (IStructE) and 11 other PEI’s.

In 2017, when IOM3 and the IStructE arranged the very first symposia for young members from all 35 Professional Engineering Institutes, we were left in no doubt that younger members wanted a ‘one stop shop’ to provide visibility of activity and connection across the whole professional engineering space. Having a single membership with one PEI was seen by younger members as the route through which access to news, events, professional development, contacts and scholarships across all fields of activity could be made. Effectively, younger members were endorsing the requirement for collective collaborative action across all PEIs. IOM3 and IStructE have taken a lead role in the 21st Century PEI collaboration initiative and from the younger members symposium co-ordinated the development of the pilot phase of this digital challenge alongside 11 members of the PEI community.

A separate email announcing the website will be sent to all younger members across the PEI community. With time, the site is expected to grow with other content aligned to the priorities and needs articulated by the younger members at the first symposium. A second symposium will also be arranged to encourage the next phase of institutional connectivity.


Bernie Rickinson