EGM approves resolution to amend IOM3 Bye-Laws

12 Jul 2018

The Institute’s Annual General Meeting 2018 was held on Tuesday 10 July 2018 at IOM3 London headquarters, and was followed by an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) called to consider a special resolution to amend the Institute's Bye-Laws, as recommended by the Council. Over 40 members attended both meetings which were chaired by the President, Mr Martin Cox.

A prospectus giving full details of the resolution and the proposed changes to the Bye-Laws and Regulations was sent by post to all corporate members. A copy of the prospectus and information about the process of governance change is available on the IOM3 website at

The resolution was passed by a vote of 98.6% in favour. This was the first stage in a process that now involves submitting the agreed motion to the Privy Council for approval. The proposed changes had already been informally submitted so that the Privy Council could consult with other interested bodies such as the Charity Commission and the Engineering Council. It is hoped that the process of Privy Council approval will take place swiftly so that the governance changes can be implemented within the current year if possible.

Almost the only comments from members regarding the proposal document were with respect to the use of the masculine pronoun throughout the revised Bye-Laws. The Institute was advised that Royal Charters and Bye-Laws are written according to English Law and that continues to use what, in general use, appears masculine to cover both sexes. This is not the Institute's choice but is consistent with the requirements of legal language. The history of the terminology develops from ‘mankind’ which refers to all of humanity.  We were advised that any change to this legal framework would result in the documents being declined.

The Annual General Meeting preceding the EGM approved the Annual Report and Financial Statements for 2017 and re-appointed RSM UK Audit LLP as auditor to the Institute. A copy of the Annual Report can be viewed on the IOM3 website or you can request a hard copy by contacting