Materials Protecting the Environment seminar set for 21 February

8 Feb 2018

The Materials Protecting Society seminar series has confirmed Tom Heap, Science Broadcaster for BBC Countryfile, as the keynote speaker for the second event, Materials Protecting the Environment, on 21 February 2018 at 297 Euston Road, London.

Heap’s presentation, Back to the Trees: The New Age of Wood, will explore tree disease and infestations challenging our environmental landscape. Heap will look closely at some of the new threats to trees in the UK and how to mitigate the spread of these infestations.

Louis Brimacombe, Materials Protecting the Environment seminar chairman, said, ‘The link between materials usage and the resulting impacts on the environment has never been more important than it is today. There is a real challenge for material scientists and engineers to understand how their work, expertise and professional practises can affect environmental performance and contribute towards more sustainable outcomes.

‘As we develop material solutions, which on the one hand contribute positively to society and improve quality of life, we must also address the wider impacts and take on board the environmental challenges we face in the modern world.’

Edward Kosior, Managing Director at Nextek, will be taking the stage to discuss plastics in the ocean. Kosior has been active as an innovator in polymer technology for the past 40 years, within universities, recycling enterprises and industry. Holding several patents for the recycling of plastics, he has been instrumental in the introduction of recycled plastics into food packaging in Europe and Australia. His goals are to help preserve and improve the natural environment through novel technologies that reduce waste generation and increase the closed loop economy that promotes high efficiencies in the use of limited resources and truly sustainable materials. He is also working on mitigating plastics in oceans and encouraging adoption of science and best practices in avoiding the environmental problems facing developing countries.

Katherine Adams, Principal Consultant at BRE, along with Site Manager Adrian Marks of Interface and Martyn Bennett, Chief Scientist at Artis, will lead the discussion on the circular economy and its role in protecting the environment.

Speaking on the topic of climate change is Andrew Clifton of Rolls-Royce. In his role as Sustainability Manager, Clifton is responsible for integrating consideration for environment and sustainability into all aspects of engineering and design. His presentation will explore new risks and business opportunities that may arise from changes in the social and legislative landscape of environmental and sustainability impacts.

Scientists, engineers, industry managers, academics and students who want to be better informed on the critical environmental issues and who want to better understand how they can contribute to future solutions are encouraged to attend the event.  

The sessions will include open discussions and contributions from the delegates. We recognise that measures for improvement will need further debate and we welcome this to help support strategies on the best way forward. 

IOM3 gratefully acknowledges the support for Materials Protecting the Environment provided by its sponsor, ARTIS.



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