Materials Protecting People success

18 Dec 2018

The third event of the Materials Protecting Society series, ‘Materials Protecting People’, was held at 297 Euston Road on 29 November 2018. The event organised by the Industry and Technology Policy Board – soon to become the Technology Communities Board – was attended by more than 60 delegates.

The seminar emphasised the importance of materials in protecting people and was very well received by the delegates. One university professor commented, ‘I congratulate you on the range and breadth of the lectures and discussions – this was one of the most stimulating and thought-provoking meetings I have been to in years.’

The morning session started with an excellent introduction by Lord Haskel, a Deputy Speaker of the House of Lords, and a very interesting talk from IOM3 President Martin Cox, on how our engineers need to draw learning and understanding from our industrial heritage to avoid repeating the mistakes of the past, which was illustrated with the Piper Alpha and Grenfell Tower tragedies.

The keynote presentation was given by Professor Phil Withers, Regius Professor of Materials at the University of Manchester and Chief Scientist of the Henry Royce Institute, Professor Withers spoke about how the Royce Institute aims to improve our understanding and exploitation of existing materials systems and accelerate the development of new ones. In his superb talk he outlined the Royce and how it aims to support UK academics and industry across a range of theme areas that impact on protecting people by the use of new and emerging materials.

In the afternoon session, delegates were treated to a wide range of exciting topics given by a number of speakers on healthcare, air quality and defence and security aspects of protecting people.

The next seminar in the series will be on ‘Developing a Resilient Infrastructure’ scheduled for the summer of 2019.

Keith Harrison

Chair, Industry and Technology Policy Board (Technology Communities Board)