Celebrating 150 years

18 Dec 2018

In 2019, IOM3 celebrates its 150th anniversary, tracing its roots back to 1869 when the Iron and Steel Institute (ISI) was founded as an association to address practical and scientific questions connected with iron and steel.

Our mission has remained constant throughout these 150 years will so and will do into the future – to promote the science, design, engineering and technology of materials, minerals and mining and their practical applications, and facilitate qualifications, professional recognition and development, and to deliver knowledge, information and networking services to a global membership and wider community.

The story of our Institute began in the mid-18th Century when local institutes were looking to improve their knowledge and professional practice began to spring up. In 1869, the first national institution in the field was founded – the Iron and Steel Institute – with others quickly following behind including the Institution of Mining Engineers in 1889 and the Institution of Mining and Metallurgy in 1892. As new materials like plastics and specialisms such as mine electrical engineering appeared and came into use, further national institutes and societies were founded during the following decades – the Plastics Institute, the Association of Mining Electrical Engineers, and more. Some of these later merged to form bodies including the Plastics and Rubber Institute, Institution of Mining Electrical and Mining Mechanical Engineers. By the end of the 20th Century, all the materials institutes had merged to form the Institute of Materials in 1993, while the mining institutions hadformed the joint Institution of Mining and Metallurgy. A final merger in June 2002 brought these two bodies together to form the current Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining. In 2005, the Institute was joined by the Institute of Packaging and, in 2006, by the Institute of Clay Technology. An agreement was reached with the Institute of Wood Science in 2009, and in November 2010 the Institute of Vitreous Enamellers came on board.

To celebrate the founding of The Iron and Steel Institute and our rich history to 2019, a number of events will take place during the year. The celebrations will commence with a special Inauguration Day event in February, exactly 150 years to the day from the first official meeting of the ISI in London. The calendar of events includes technical conferences, local events, young people’s activities and a Gala Dinner in July. We hope to see and meet many of our members from across all grades and interest groups of the Institute at the celebratory events of this exceptional year.

Please check the calendar of events at www.iom3.org/150 to see what is in store.