Women into Fellowship

9 Apr 2018

A message from IOM3 Vice-President Serena Best CBE FREng FIMMM. 

The launch of the IOM3 Membership Growth Initiative, and other related projects such as the ‘Get Registered’ campaign, have led to an impressive up turn in our membership numbers. The quarterly announcement from the Membership Committee of recent membership upgrades and new appointments has also revealed the wealth of talent attaining professional grades and registration. The list of new Fellows has been particularly impressive and includes practitioners whose professional reputations I know at first-hand, and others new to me, from all areas of the Materials Cycle. However, in spite of this overall success, the proportion of women members coming forward to be considered for Fellowship is noticeably small. I was therefore delighted to learn of this new initiative and more than happy to become its Patron.

I am aware that there are likely to be many women practitioners who are highly qualified for FIMMM status, but who have not upgraded their membership. I would like to encourage all women practitioners to review the requirements for Fellowship and, if they meet the criteria, to prioritise an FIMMM application. I can assure anyone who might have any doubts, that they will be very welcome to seek guidance and mentoring from the Institute’s membership department. I would also like to call all members holding the Fellowship grade to encourage their female colleagues to become involved in this initiative. 


Further information: If you wish to know more, please contact Ian Bowbrick, Director of Professional Development & Membership, or read his Q&A on Women into Fellowship