The nanocrystals must first be dispersed in molten boron oxide and then subjected to neutron irradiation in a nuclear reactor. Credit: IOCB Prague

Tumour busting nanomaterials

Materials World magazine
A new method for creating nanomaterials with a nuclear reactor could be used to destroy tumours.
Chris MacDonald is Congratulated by SMEA President Andrew Kirton-Vaughn

SMEA Annual Dinner

Sheffield Metallurgical and Engineering Association
Speeches and Prize winners at the SMEA Annual DInner

Magnetism opens path to next-generation microchips

Materials World magazine
Innovation in memory, computing, and sensing devices could be on the horizon, following magnetism research from MIT.

Superconducting graphene

Materials World magazine
Superconductivity of graphene may be possible, thanks to a new use of a tried and tested method.

EMG November 2018 newsletter now available

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Issue #19 of the EMG topical e-Newsletter is now available