Next generation water filters

Materials World magazine
Water filtration can be improved with membrane enhancements causing water to move quicker through the surface. Idha Valeur reports.

Carbon capture with fast forming magnesite

Materials World magazine
Speeding up the production of magnesite capable of capturing CO2 from the atmosphere may one day slow down global warming. Idha Valeur reports.

Patent of the month – Composites for lightweighting

Materials World magazine
Patent Attorney Gemma McGeough , from Withers & Rogers, explains how a patent for pipes made from composite materials could help with lightweighting.

Building with moon dust

Clay Technology magazine
Habitats on the moon to house space exploration missions are one step closer to reality with a new kind of brick, as Ellis Davies reports.

Reshaping ceramics with 4D printing

Materials World magazine
A ceramic ink can be 4D-printed and origami folded to create complex structures, such as the Sydney Opera House. Ceri Jones reports on this new hybrid ink.