Splitting the water atom

Materials World magazine
A new theoretical material could split water into hydrogen and oxygen, lending new strengths for solar energy.

Global plastic trade disrupted

Materials World magazine
As China bans plastic waste imports, large amounts of the material are displaced and the need to reduce consumption highlighted. Kathryn Allen reports.

Powering the pits

Materials World magazine
As pressure mounts on mining companies to improve their environmental image, are renewable sources of energy the answer? Kathryn Allen asks Charles Hendry, former Minister of State for the Department of Energy and Climate Change.

New technique for dating ancient skeletons

Materials World magazine
Dating of ancient bones using DNA mutations could provide a fast and cheap alternative to current methods.

A future for Wales

Materials World magazine
Wales is the most EU funded region – per head – in the UK, but has historically been overlooked by the UK government for research and innovation funding. With the Brexit result still uncertain, Ellis Davies takes a look at the Welsh government’s plan for the future of research and innovation in Wales.