Alchemy and materials science

Materials World magazine
Khai Trung Le explores the strands between alchemy, religion, and materials science.

First images of conjugated polymers

Materials World magazine
Capturing the camera-shy defects in conjugated polymers has been resolved with a surprisingly straightforward technique. Khai Trung Le reports.

Patent of the month: Harnessing the healing power of oxygen

Materials World magazine
Dr Jennifer Unsworth, Patent Attorney at intellectual property law firm Withers and Rogers, reports on a newly patented way to aid wound healing.

New technique for dating ancient skeletons

Materials World magazine
Dating of ancient bones using DNA mutations could provide a fast and cheap alternative to current methods.

A future for Wales

Materials World magazine
Wales is the most EU funded region – per head – in the UK, but has historically been overlooked by the UK government for research and innovation funding. With the Brexit result still uncertain, Ellis Davies takes a look at the Welsh government’s plan for the future of research and innovation in Wales.