Common water phenomenon gets an explanation

Materials World magazine
The theory of hydraulic jumps, which is over 200 years old, has been debunked, as Ellis Davies reports.

What is fracking

Energy Transition Group
Overview of fracking process and the applicable onshore England regulations.

Google Street View tour of an offshore installation

Energy Transition Group
Life on board a North Sea oil platform can now be explored from the comfort of your sofa as the world’s first Google Street View tour of an offshore installation has been launched.

Disclosure of Information and Samples Regulations

Energy Transition Group
New regulations come into force today, 13 August 2018

Economic digest

Clay Technology magazine
The number of construction projects has declined in the UK due to bad weather and a woefully unprepared industry. At the same time, more bricks have been manufactured, marking the anticipated start of a busy house building period. Ines Nastali reports.