Problem-solving biomimicry

Materials World magazine
Flat bark bugs, lizards, camels and tide pools have inspired the latest research in mimicking nature, bringing this problem-solving into engineering and medicine. Ines Nastali reports.

The world of fusion

Materials World magazine
In the wake of recent advances in fusion energy, Ellis Davies investigates the ever on the horizon technology.

Wrapped in shellfish

Materials World magazine
A new material made from food waste could be a biodegradable alternative for food packaging, as Ellis Davies reports.

They came from outer space

Materials World magazine
The University of Glasgow has co-developed a device that uses muons to detect radiation. Khai Trung Le talks to Dr Craig Shearer on its development.

3D-printed guns: fad or threat?

Materials World magazine
As digital blueprints for 3D-printed guns cause controversy in the USA, Kathryn Allen looks at the danger these weapons pose.