Country report: Canada

Materials World magazine
Canada faces difficult choices as it balances energy security and emission reduction targets with its oil-friendly expeditions. Khai Trung Le reports.

Lower price for 3D-printed prosthetics

Materials World magazine
3D printing is being used to lower the cost of pricey robotic prosthetics. Kathryn Allen reports.

Materials solutions to global problems

Materials World magazine
Combining the 20 th Kelly Lecture and the Gordon Seminars, the Armourers and Brasiers’ Cambridge Forum covered a range of materials science topics, including batteries, multifunctional nanomaterials, and spectral conversion materials. Kathryn Allen reports.

What lies beneath

Materials World magazine
A new method for processing data from seismic surveys could help give a more detailed view of underground oil reserves, as Ellis Davies reports.

Get talking: A modern Victorian

Materials World magazine
Is it time to change how we build houses considering the widespread condensation problems in modern homes, asks Ken Tailby.