Converting the supply

Materials World magazine
The UK wants to reduce carbon emissions by 80% of 1990 levels by 2050. A recent Westminster Forum debate discussed what role hydrogen will play in future supply

A future for Wales

Materials World magazine
Wales is the most EU funded region – per head – in the UK, but has historically been overlooked by the UK government for research and innovation funding. With the Brexit result still uncertain, Ellis Davies takes a look at the Welsh government’s plan for the future of research and innovation in Wales.

New technique for dating ancient skeletons

Materials World magazine
Dating of ancient bones using DNA mutations could provide a fast and cheap alternative to current methods.

Global plastic trade disrupted

Materials World magazine
As China bans plastic waste imports, large amounts of the material are displaced and the need to reduce consumption highlighted. Kathryn Allen reports.

IOM3 supports Advanced Engineering 2018

The British Composites Society
IOM3 and the British Composites Society are supporting the Advanced Engineering show taking place at the NEC on 30 October-1 November