Get talking: A modern Victorian

Materials World magazine
Is it time to change how we build houses considering the widespread condensation problems in modern homes, asks Ken Tailby.

Patent of the month: conjoined joints

Materials World magazine
Hybrid manufacturing helps to form joints between dissimilar materials. Dr Jennifer Unsworth, Patent Attorney at intellectual property law firm Withers and Rogers, reports.

Contamination lead

Materials World magazine
Research has shown that black plastic components made from recycled electrical equipment introduce lead into food-contact items.

Church and university speak out against the North Sea

Materials World magazine
Following dissent from the University of Edinburgh and the Church of Scotland, Khai Trung Le looks at support for the North Sea within the country.

Country report: Canada

Materials World magazine
Canada faces difficult choices as it balances energy security and emission reduction targets with its oil-friendly expeditions. Khai Trung Le reports.