Fifth Energy Materials Lecture

Energy Materials Group
Registrations are now open for the Fifth Energy Materials Lecture - Materials for Energy Storage in Electric Vehicles and Low Carbon Grids - Opportunities and Challenges.
Chris Thompson with Jim Coulson

First Level 6 Diploma Timber Technology Success

The Wood Technology Society
Chris Thomas of Bentley Motors, became the first recipient of the Level 6 Award in Timber Technology. He was presented his Certificate at the 2018 Annual Luncheon of the London Hardwood Club. Chris arrived in a brand new 2018 model Bentley Continental ("sequin blue"): number one off the production line!

Ensuring successful planning and delivery of future oil and gas field projects

Energy Transition Group
Newly updated guidance has been published to support industry to successfully deliver the next generation of UK oil and gas field developments.

Economic digest

Clay Technology magazine
The number of construction projects has declined in the UK due to bad weather and a woefully unprepared industry. At the same time, more bricks have been manufactured, marking the anticipated start of a busy house building period. Ines Nastali reports.

Revolutionising ceramics

Clay Technology magazine
A new project aims to bring ceramics production up to date through the use of mechanical modelling and virtual prototyping, as Ellis Davies reports.