Fred Starr recollects: Taken for granted

Materials World magazine
Fred Starr recollects who of his line managers formed him most and how he handled not being respected in the workplace.

The travelling potters

Materials World magazine
Mankind has known travel and relocating for work for thousands of years, as the tales of women from the Baltic selling clay pottery in the Nordic countries tell. Ines Nastali reports

Get talking: The challenge of materials

Materials World magazine
Ben Walsh, Lead Technologist in Advanced Materials at Innovate UK, discusses how perspectives of innovation have changed, and how this affects materials scientists.

Bending for power

Materials World magazine
Deformed crystals used in solar cell semiconductors could make for more efficient photovoltaic panels. Ines Nastali reports.

Patent of the month: sun-soaked

Materials World magazine
With homeowners looking to microgeneration and renewable energy as means of reducing their energy bills, nanomaterial could help to make this more viable. Dr Jennifer Unsworth, Patent Attorney at law firm Withers & Rogers, reports