Digitised finance

Materials World magazine
Why is the construction industry still working with paper versions of vital documents in the digital era, asks Simon Streat, Vice President Product Strategy at digital trade expert Bolero International, UK

Cut through the layers

Materials World magazine
Two things have become clear in the current debate around plastic packaging – consumers need to value the material more and producers need to be incentivised to use a higher amount of recycled content

The value of science

Materials World magazine
Ellis Davies looks into science and research in Italy, and why it has taken a political backseat.

Come in: the self-maintaining wood cabin

Materials World magazine
With no road access, this emergency shelter in the Norwegian mountains was assembled to be almost maintenance-free.

A composite made in heaven

Materials World magazine
Composite materials have been around for centuries, and yet materials scientists remain focused on how different combinations might bring compounded benefits in modern day applications. Dr Jennifer Unsworth and David Stanier of intellectual property firm, Withers & Rogers, report