Use your helmet

Materials World magazine
This month, Dr Jennifer Unsworth, Patent Attorney at intellectual property law firm Withers and Rogers, looks at how a graphene-reinforced helmet saved a competitive cyclist’s life.

The value of science

Materials World magazine
Ellis Davies looks into science and research in Italy, and why it has taken a political backseat.

Fred Starr recollects: unforgotten and unforgiven

Materials World magazine
Fred Starr recollects his first endeavour with a combined cycle gas turbine.

A composite made in heaven

Materials World magazine
Composite materials have been around for centuries, and yet materials scientists remain focused on how different combinations might bring compounded benefits in modern day applications. Dr Jennifer Unsworth and David Stanier of intellectual property firm, Withers & Rogers, report

The road to recovery

Materials World magazine
In recent months, events concerning UK steel have warranted re-examination of, what the government is calling, a vital industry. Ellis Davies investigates what they could mean for the future.