Improved additive manufacturing for superalloys

Materials World magazine
Dr Jennifer Unsworth of intellectual property firm Withers & Rogers explains how a new patent makes 3D printing of superalloys easier.

How smart packaging works

Materials World magazine
Equipping products with sensors and interactive codes will reduce packaging waste, argues Jean-Richard Maguet*, owner of French packaging design agency Mizenboîte.

Imaging 17th century art

Materials World magazine
A non-destructive imaging technique may offer a greater insight into 17th century art. Kathryn Allen reports.

Diamond celebrates 10th anniversary

Materials World magazine
Diamond Light Source celebrated its tenth anniversary in late 2017. Khai Trung Le looks back at some of the synchrotron’s materials science milestones.

Felted nanotubes form strong networks

Materials World magazine
A wet chemical infiltration process allows carbon nanotubes to be combined with other materials without losing properties, forming a network that can enhance battery power. Kathryn Allen reports.