Last chance to register for Materials Protecting Society, 20 September 2017

18 Sep 2017

The Institute’s newest conference series, Materials Protecting Society, is launching this Wednesday in London, UK. Delegates can sign up online to attend the event. Deadline for registration is 19 September 2017. 

The must see event will provide an overview on how society can respond to modern-day challenges such as terrorism, natural disasters, climate change and an ageing population.

Keynote speakers will set out to address these high level challenges and will open discussion for how sectors including, manufacturing, construction, transport, environment and health, will feature in working towards solutions.

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Protecting the Environment

Moving Towards a Circular Economy

Dale Walker, Ellen MacArthur Foundation

A Life Cycle Approach Towards Sustainability

Louis Brimacombe, Chairman, Sustainable Development Group, IOM3


Protecting People

How materials are critical to protecting our population: a case study on prescription drug abuse

Gemma Budd, Lucideon

Protecting People: Military, Police and Other Blue-Light Services

Dr Debra Carr, Cranfield Defence & Security


Developing a Resilient Infrastructure

Materials Protecting Society: Buildings and Infrastructure

Peter Bonfield, CEO, Building Research Establishment

Sustainable Production and Management of Resources for Secure and Thriving Society

Ewa Bloch, Innovate UK - Urban Living & International


Protecting Our Future

Future Materials Cycles

Professor Steve Evans, Institute of Manufacturing, Cambridge University

Buildings as Power Stations: A transformation in energy based on smart materials

Kevin Bygate, CEO, Specific