The Member's Benevolent Trust Chairman's Report

13 Nov 2017

The Member’s Trust of the Institute of Metals was established by Trust Deed on 12 December 1961 and registered as a charity number 207184. After numerous deeds of variation over the years and the merger of other Institutions who had benevolent funds the latest deed of variation was adopted on 10 June 2003, which included a change of name to the Member’s Benevolent Trust (MBT) of IOM3.

The objectives of the MBT include, the relief of persons who are members or former members, or current or former permanent employees of more than two years standing. This includes spouses, widows, widowers, parents, children, grandchildren, or dependents of an eligible person of IOM3 or of bodies which have merged or been absorbed by IOM3.

Over the last year as we have lost a number of our long term recipients. However, more cases have been identified and assistance has been given in the form of support and advice that includes the Almoner role, as well as financial help. One particular case was reported to the Trust via a care home, as one of the residents was identified as a past staff member of the Institute. Visits arranged and required support arranged.

The Trust treats all cases equally in terms of criteria for assistance and procedures. The MBT is a charity registered independently of IOM3 and although we operate independently we are very much an integral part of IOM3 being one of the benefits it offers to its past and current members.

The MBT Board

The 2016 AGM was overshadowed by the reported sudden death of David Oxley, immediate past chairman, who had only stood down as a Trustee at the 2015 annual general meeting. He had served the Trust in various capacities for many years. The MBT benefitted from David’s dedication and commitment over a long period of time.

The Board continues to function well. My colleagues on the Board of Trustees work hard and conscientiously, as do the team of visitors who see claimants to counsel them and assess how they can be helped. This team includes the local benevolent fund organisers of the former Institutes and others who attend cases in their regions. All are supportive and active.

I congratulate Peter Waugh who was appointed Honorary Secretary of MBT, at the AGM on the 5 July 2016. This year Peter has taken over the duties from his predecessor Gavin Bower and I thank both gentlemen for effecting a smooth change over. Peter has carried out his duties and conducted the business of the Trust in a professional manner. I must also acknowledge Steve Dawe, Honorary Treasurer for his continued efforts, in what has been a particularly difficult time, to ensure that finances and payments to recipients have been successfully managed. I thank them both for their dedication and substantial efforts in carrying out their respective offices.

A number of Board members retire by rotation at the AGM: Julian Bennet, Steve Dawe, David Elliott, John Kailofer, Barry Lye and Charles Rhodes who are all making themselves available for re-election.

Our Financial Resources

Our resources to provide financial assistance to support the MBT activities comes from the income of our investments, direct donations from members and increasingly from the activities of the local Societies of IOM3.

The Treasurer’s report will demonstrate briefly how the funds have been distributed and highlight the strong position of the funds and reserves. The increased involvement of local Societies not only helps in raising funds but has increased the awareness of the MBT and acted as a conduit between members and the board.

Concluding remarks

The MBT as a registered charity submits to the Charity Commission; Trustees Report, Independent Examiners Report and Statement of Financial activities. These reports when adopted at the AGM on the 28 June 2017 will be made available via our web site More detail is contained in the reports and I would like to see this stimulate more volunteers to participate in the activities of the MBT particularly as new members of the board of trustees.

I would like to acknowledge the positive support of the Membership department and IT staff of the Institute, this relationship is important to our effectiveness. I believe this was a successful year for the Trust, however looking to the future we need to continue to be proactive in establishing the needs of those members and their dependents who may require the support of the MBT.

Charles Rhodes IEng FIMMM
Chairman, The Member’s Benevolent Trust


Further Information 

If you are a current member of IOM3, or know of any past members experiencing financial difficulties, please visit to find out how MBT can help