Nanosurfaces 2017: Nano-enhanced Surface Technologies

25 May 2017

Attendees of this year’s Nanosurfaces conference got the most comprehensive review and update of nano-enabled surface technology.

The event, held at the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining, London, delivered a programme covering scientific developments, new products, and commercial applications.

Speakers from across the sector attended the event, including keynote speaker Dr Stephen Coulso, P2i Chief Science Officer and Founder, who shared his expertise in advanced material sciences and plasma processing.

Presenting on the range of industrial applications of plasma technology, Coulso said, the main application for liquid repellent nano coating is electronics. Since entering the market, nano coating technology has also been used in other sectors such as filtration, performance and military clothing, explained Coulso.

Dr Patrick Cullen (University College London) spoke about the iconic solutions of two-dimensional materials explaining that, two-dimensional nanomaterials can be made by dissolving layered materials in liquids. According to Cullen, liquids can be used to apply the two-dimensional materials over large areas and at low cost, which will enable a variety of important future applications.

‘Two-dimensional nanomaterials, such as graphene, are scientifically intriguing and when manipulated have the potential to revolutionise technology,’ concluded Cullen.

Chairman of the IOM3 NanoCommittee, Eur Ing Dr Martin Kemp CEng FIMMM MCIM, said ‘With new processes and new applications emerging the field is gaining ground, processes are being scaled up and demands are being met.’

Nanosurfaces 2017 is a new event organised by the IOM3 Nano Committee, and proved to be an excellent opportunity for partnering and networking. Many thanks to Anton Paar, Henniker Plasma and Lysis Technologies Ltd. for sponsoring the event.