IOM3 staff day: Looking back at 2017

20 Dec 2017

IOM3 staff group photo

Staff day concluded another successful year for the Institute. Held on 12 December 2017 at 297 Euston Road, London, the day was a chance for all IOM3 teams and offices to jointly celebrate their contributions in 2017.

In his opening address, Chief Executive of IOM3 Dr Bernie Rickinson shared some of the year’s highlights, including key Institute milestones, industry activities, educational outreach, events, and academic and professional successes.

2017 got off to a great start with the triennial PVC conference held in Brighton, UK. The three-day event in April was well attended with over 530 delegates from 43 different countries. PVC 2017 was celebrated for its huge support from industry and its array of impressive sponsorship.  

Another important win for the Institute in 2017 was the opening of the National Materials and Mining Archive in at Unit 17, Grantham. The new library, which holds a considerable bank of metals and materials documents dating back to 1869, will continue to be an important resource for the Institute and its members.

Efi Fragkou reported on the Younger Members’ Committee activities that took place in the past 12 months. She explained 2017 was a busy year for younger members, with the World Lecture Competition final in Perth Australia, the 50th Anniversary Dinner, Matopoly and the Education and Technician Awards

Overseas engagement was the talk of the day, however, with staff sharing their involvement in events and outreach in many countries outside the UK, including Russia, Australia, Argentina and New Zealand. 

A number of projects got underway in 2017 too, specifically web development, information services and industry data collection. The IOM3 Senior Leadership Team was proud to report that these projects would continue in the New Year.

The Institute’s upcoming 150th anniversary in 2019 was another hot topic at staff day, with ample discussions among teams on how to best to commemorate this momentous milestone. Popular ideas included a time capsule and a gala dinner.

Following the presentations and workshops staff enjoyed a festive lunch and round of Christmas bingo.