Recognising the UK’s global potential key to industrial strategy

19 Apr 2017

In a response to the UK Government’s Green Paper Building Industrial Strategy, the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (IOM3) has stated that recognising the UK’s materials, minerals and mining global potential is key to securing a flourishing industrial strategy.

IOM3 represents 14,000 materials, minerals and mining professionals and the report aims to reflect some of the views of a cross-section of its membership. With contributions from members including Dr Bernie Rickinson (Chief Executive IOM3), Sir Colin Humphreys (University of Cambridge) and Professor Jon Binner (University of Birmingham), the IOM3 response was compiled as part of the public consultation and modern industrial plan for post-Brexit Britain.

The submission from IOM3 proposes how to deliver a stronger and more productive UK economy through identifying key strategic pillars including: innovation, investment, trade and collaboration.

Dr Bernie Rickinson said, 'The Government should recognise that the materials, minerals and mining community within the UK is recognised as a global leader whose capability across all disciplines is second only to the US.'

He continued, 'With a combined turnover of £200 billion, contributing 15% of GDP, employing more than one million people and supporting four million other jobs, the UK materials, minerals and mining community is highly important to the UK’s industrial strategy.'

Beyond the excellence that the UK has developed in materials, the translation of this expertise to wealth creation in healthcare, digital technology, transport, energy, the circular economy and defence and security are key areas to exploit.

The UK has the significant advantage that within an ever broadening interdisciplinary world, it not only exceeds in certain science, technology, engineering and mathematics sectors, but can offer a creative industry that enjoys global acclaim.

Many countries are recognising the importance of materials for future wealth creation, be this from a mining resource or for semi finished material supply.

The strength of the UK’s position is to provide a global dominance in both materials and product design, a national combination few others possess. For the last decade, IOM3 has bridged the important interface between these two significant communities, providing a contribution to the Government’s strategy with a sense of foresight of what could be achieved for the UK.

Contributions acknowledged from: 

Sir Colin Humphreys, University of Cambridge
IOM3 Sustainable Development Group
IOM3 Energy Materials Group
Professor Jon Binner, University of Birmingham
Professor Serena Best, University of Cambridge
Dr Alan Wood, IOM3 Polymer Society
Dr Bernie Rickinson, Chief Executive, IOM3
John Dorken, Director, British Rubber and Polyurethane Products Association
Dr Chris M McDonald, Materials Processing Institute

IOM3 is a major international engineering institution which exists to promote and develop all aspects of materials science and engineering, geology, mining, mineral and petroleum engineering and extraction metallurgy. IOM3 is a leading authority in the worldwide materials and mining community, with interests encompassing the complete materials cycle, from exploration and extraction, characterisation, processing, forming, finishing and application, to product recycling and land reuse.

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