Brazilian Government undermined

Materials World magazine
The Brazilian Government is attempting to abolish a national reserve in the Amazon. Kathryn Allen reports.

Sprayable nanocoating extends produce shelf life

Materials World magazine
An antimicrobial nanocoating can be sprayed onto food to increase its shelf life. Kathryn Allen reports.

Carbon nanotube yarns produce electricity when stretched

Materials World magazine
Electricity-producing carbon nanotube yarns could have such wide-ranging applications, from flexible electronics to capturing energy from the ocean waves. But the technology and application is still in its infancy. Khai Trung Le talks to Dr Carter Haines on its creation and immediate future.

Protecting the environment, people, infrastructure and our future

On 20 September, the Materials Protecting Society launch event took place in London. Attendees of the first conference series event got a comprehensive overview of how materials play an integral role in protecting the environment, people, infrastructure and our future.

Frank Paine Packaging Award

The Packaging Society
The Frank Paine Packaging Award will be given to the person who can show an outstanding contribution within the Science and Technology of Packaging. It is open to members and non members globally. The medal will be awarded every two years and the recipient will be asked to give a lecture on packaging innovation to an audience of young professionals the following year.