Getting to the centre of corrosion

Materials World magazine
A BP/academic programme looks to explore the fundamentals of corrosion. Khai Trung Le talks to Professor Philip Withers on the project’s goals and expected outcomes.

60 seconds on origami organs

Materials World magazine
What are they? Scientists have created what they call bioactive ‘tissue papers’, made of materials derived from pig and cow organs. Who is involved? The work was undertaken at Northwestern...

A new concept for artificial hearts

Materials World magazine
Ellis Davies reports on a soft artificial heart that functions similarly to the real thing, and could provide an alternative to heart transplants.

Meet The Starpack Judges: David McGowan

IOM3 spoke to David McGowan, one of the judges at this year's Starpack Packaging Industry Innovation Awards, to discuss his career in packaging and what he looks forward to about the newly relaunched awards.

N&DMS wins the award for IOM3 small local society of the year

Newport & District Materials Society
N&DMS wins the award for the IOM3 small local society of the year for 2016