Flat nanoscale films of copper prove impossible

Materials World magazine
A new understanding of the structure of nanocrystalline films reveals that perfectly flat copper nanoscale films cannot be formed. Kathryn Allen reports.

Getting to the centre of corrosion

Materials World magazine
A BP/academic programme looks to explore the fundamentals of corrosion. Khai Trung Le talks to Professor Philip Withers on the project’s goals and expected outcomes.

HMS Queen Elizabeth docks in home port

Materials World magazine
The UK’s newest aircraft carrier, HMS Queen Elizabeth, cost £3bln.

Neutron beam cast on welds

Materials World magazine
A new study recommends that improvements and alternatives to spot welding should be developed for the automotive industry. Simon Frost reports.

A new concept for artificial hearts

Materials World magazine
Ellis Davies reports on a soft artificial heart that functions similarly to the real thing, and could provide an alternative to heart transplants.