Graphene cuts and pastes semiconductors

Materials World magazine
A new manufacturing method uses graphene to make semiconductor wafers reusable.

Patent of the month: Structured particles for rechargeable metal-ion batteries

Materials World magazine
Dr Jennifer Unsworth of intellectual property firm Withers & Rogers describes a novel particulate material for metal-ion batteries.

NASA to 3D-print space fabric

Materials World magazine
NASA has designed fabrics for use in space, with different properties on each side of the material.

60 seconds on... a heat-resistant capacitor

Materials World magazine
What is it? A capacitor used to store an electric charge, which can withstand temperatures of up to 300°C. Who is involved? A team of researchers led by Dorothee Dietz,...

Are we approaching mineral exhaustion?

Materials World magazine
Dr John Thompson and Theo Henckens talk to Khai Trung Le about recent perceptions around mineral exhaustion, and how each school of thought approaches the future of supply.