60 seconds on...bone-healing nanofibres

Materials World magazine
60 seconds on...bone-healing nanofibres What are they ? Thin-film and fibrous biomaterials with similar structures and regeneration rates to that of bone. Who created them? Jani Holopainen, a doctoral researcher...

Magnesium partnership eyes low-volume production

Materials World magazine
The world’s largest magnesium component producer is attempting to dispel myths and make the light metal more practical for low-volume applications.

Mali revealed as hub for illicit gold

Materials World magazine
A new report has found that West African countries are smuggling gold through Mali to avoid export taxes.

Patent of the month: Post-synthesis processing of super-hard materials

Materials World magazine
Dr Jennifer Unsworth of intellectual property firm Withers & Rogers describes a novel lapping technique.

Country report: France

Materials World magazine
The country with the world’s highest share of nuclear generation, France is transforming its energy mix to meet ambitious carbon targets.