Biomedical use for tick ‘cement’

Materials World magazine
The sticky substance used by ticks to anchor to their prey has potential as a bioadhesive. Kathryn Allen reports.

Scientists react to Chatham House biomass rebuttal

Materials World magazine
Chatham House has published a paper arguing that energy policies for woody biomass are not fit for purpose.

Trump moves to save USA coal

Materials World magazine
As President Trump looks to rejuvenate the USA’s coal industry, Khai Trung Le investigates recent claims, opportunities and closures.

60 seconds on…conductive graphene inks

Materials World magazine
What are they? Printable inks with high concentrations of graphene flakes, of up to 100g per litre. Who created them? Researchers in the Graphene Flagship, led by researchers from the...

Improving uranium extraction

Materials World magazine
A new development could aid the extraction of uranium from one of the Earth’s most abundant resources – seawater. Ellis Davies reports.