A parliament of bricks

Clay Technology magazine
The close of 2016 saw the Parliamentary Ceramics Exhibition in an effort to show the qualities and industrial value of ceramics to Westminster MPs.

Technology makes it possible, people make it happen

Clay Technology magazine
The UK’s leading annual clay industry event moves from the technology to the people behind it. Khai Trung Le reports.

Theatre of bespoke brick

Clay Technology magazine
Michelmersh has been awarded the Architect’s Choice award for the Whitty Theatre in Berkshire, UK, as Ellis Davies reports.

Graphene made cheaper with soybean oil

Materials World magazine
A CSIRO research team has turned to soybean oil in an effort to combat the expensive means of graphene production.

NASA improves silicon X-ray mirrors

Materials World magazine
New lightweight silicon optics could decrease the cost, and improve the performance, of large space observatories, as Ellis Davies reports.