Innovative uses of composites in sport

Materials World magazine
Composite materials are a driving force in sports technology, as Ellis Davies found out.

Patent of the month: Multi-component dispenser

Materials World magazine
In the first of a new series, Jennifer Unsworth, patent attorney and engineering materials specialist with intellectual property firm Withers & Rogers describes a reactant dispenser designed by 2K Polymer Systems Ltd.

Camborne homing in on heavy rare earths

Materials World magazine
Examinations of an unusual carbonatite deposit in Malawi could help mining companies track down heavy rare earth elements.

Next-generation data storage could be made of perovskite

Materials World magazine
A modified perovskite photovoltaic material could be used to create high-capacity data storage devices.

Materials World’s 25th Volume

Materials World magazine
To celebrate the first issue of our 25th volume, we catch up with previous editors of MW, and look back at three stories from the very first issue to examine how they compare to the news of today.