Bessemer Day 2016

Materials World magazine
The Bessemer Lecture was hosted in the steel-producing area of South Wales this year, as Ellis Davies reports.

Ceramic-polymer cold fusion

Materials World magazine
A new cold sintering process enables the creation of previously incompatible ceramic-polymer compound materials at temperatures far lower than traditional sintering techniques. Khai Trung Le reports.

Composites recycling far from targets

Materials World magazine
Despite predictions of an 80% recycling rate in the composites sector, ELG’s Frazer Barnes argues that the carbon fibre sector is closer to 6%. He talks to Khai Trung Le on the value of composites recycling, and what improvements could be made.

Six decades towards seabed mining

Materials World magazine
As the MarMine Project completes its first exploratory expedition, Professors Kurt Aasly and Fredrik Søreide talk to Khai Trung Le about the potential and yet-unanswered challenges of seabed mining.

Perception of fracking hits four-year low

Materials World magazine
A Nottingham University paper has found that public approval for shale gas extraction is at a four-year low. Professor Sarah O’Hara gives Khai Trung Le an insight into public perception.