Rachel Long CEng MIMMM shares her experience of becoming professionally registered

13 Jun 2016

The IOM3 Get Registered campaign aims to encourage members to gain professional registration and demystify the application process. This month, Rachel Long CEng MIMMM shares her experience.

Rachel Long CEng MIMMM 

What was your incentive for seeking professional registration?

It is important that my technical ability was recognised with the right qualifications. Being from an earth science background working in the construction industry, specifically ground engineering, it has often been difficult in the past to gain recognition. The industry route is geared towards civil engineers and so with an earth science degree this was more difficult. However, IOM3 gave me an opportunity to become professionally recognised based on my experience, knowledge and ability.

How did you find the process?

I work for a company that has been very supportive of my application process. I completed my application through the Technical Report Route (TRR) and found the process straightforward. The interview was far less scary than I had expected it to be. Both interviewers made me feel comfortable and at ease, which allowed me to talk about my experience. Overall I found the process very rewarding. Achieving CEng has made me realise I do have the ability, knowledge and experience to compete with my peers.

What benefit has becoming registered had on your career?

Having Chartered Engineer status shows I have attained a level of competence recognised throughout the industry. It will help me to stand out from the crowd and be recognised by my peers. Chartership is a common requirement for clients for senior positions on projects so having my chartership makes me more sought-after for upcoming work and I hope it will help me achieve promotion to senior engineer status. Furthermore, I will now be encouraged to provide assistance to others as a Delegated Engineer within our accredited training scheme.

What advice would give to someone considering becoming registered?

I believe that all engineers and technicians should have the opportunity to become professionally recognised. Being registered as an EngTech, IEng or CEng will not only benefit the individual, but also the company and industry as a whole. Even if you think it is too early or that you may not be up to standard, find out the requirements and speak to the IOM3 team - they are all very helpful. My advice to anyone considering registration is to apply and show your competency.

Eligibility for registration is assessed by the Institute of Materials, Minerals & Mining on behalf of the Engineering Council, who have produced a great video to explain the benefits of professional registration. View below, or click here.


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