IOM3 - A commitment to the future in changing times

8 Jul 2016

A message from the President, Chief Executive and Trustees of the Institute following the EU referendum result.

We feel sure that many of our members both in the UK and overseas were surprised by the division of opinion regarding the UK decision to leave the European Union. During the debate ahead of the referendum, the Institute reflected the view of individual members and organisations in our community but was determined not to take a position on such a political question. With the result now clear, we felt that it was important for all IOM3 members to understand that the role of the Institute, providing a conduit for communication and networking across all national boundaries, would remain a vital ingredient of IOM3 activity.

In these changing times we see that, if anything, this networking role will become increasingly important as the UK referendum decision unfolds.

Our commitment is to ensure that those established links of value to the professional development of our membership are retained and grown.

We enter uncertain times but with our Institute spanning the challenges of history across almost 150 years, on a worldwide and international basis we feel confident that our Institute and its members can continue to meet the different needs, which evolve from our changing European status.

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